Friday, December 30, 2011

Lion And Mosquito

Story For Child
A lion is lying in a meadow in the woods. Because the stomach is full, he fell asleep. In the midst of sleeping soundly, a mosquito flying around king forest. The mosquito was about to suck the blood of the lion. Mosquito buzzing sound that makes the lion woke up .. He felt disturbed by the mosquito.

"Mmhhh ... Beware you mosquitoes.! You're disturbing my sleep. The lion tried to catch the mosquitoes but with gesitnya the mosquito can escape. "You boast yourself as the king of beasts. But I'm not afraid of you, "sneered Mosquitoes.

Lion And Mosquito
The lion was very angry. Meanwhile, mosquitoes seek the opportunity to bite. Fess up losing, fangs and claws that sharp you could not even hurt myself. Well now my turn, "said the mosquitoes again. Then he spread his wings with a flapping-ngepakkannya with a vengeance. Soon, other mosquitoes came.

"Forces assault ...." he shouted. Swarms of mosquitoes were immediately attacked. "Please ..." shouted the lion as he scratched his face. Unable to bear, lion jumped into the river to compress a his face that swollen. "Now you admit defeat," said Mosquito. Then he flew with a supercilious.

Lion And Mosquito
Suddenly he was entangled in a cobweb. He tried hard to escape. But the spider was quickly attacked and killed him. "Oh, I never imagined I'd be dead by this small creature after the Lions defeated the King of the forest," his crying ...

The moral: Never assume a small thing that can be easily done. And do not ever feel proud with the success of doing something big.


lina@women's perspectives said...

A good story with good values.

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