Thursday, December 15, 2011

Seller Girls Matches

On Christmas Eve, people walking with a happy face meets the road in the city. On the road, there was a little girl dressed in rags was selling matches. "Want to buy a match?" "Mommy, buy these matches." "I do not need matches because at home there are many." No one who buys lighters from the girl.

But, when he came home without taking money from the sale of lighters, would be beaten by his father. When will cross the road? Grek! Grek! Suddenly a carriage horse ran with speed. "Hyaaa! Awaaaaas!" The girl jumped in surprise. 
At that time the shoe is his worn come off and thrown knows where. While the next shoe to fall across the road. When she was meant to go to pick it up, boys fell in with a child's shoes and fled. "Well, I found the right stuff."

Finally, she was barefoot. All around, the match fell scattered. Can no longer sell. If you come home this way, he can not imagine how the penalties will be received from his father. What can make, the girl took the remaining matches, and then run fatigued. Terlihatlah rays of light from the window of a house. When the girl went to her, the sound of happy laughter from inside the house.

At home, warmed by the fire, and its occupants were seen enjoying a delicious Christmas meal. The girl was moved to tears. "When the mother is still alive, also celebrated Christmas at my house like this." From the window looks sparkling Christmas tree and the kids are happy to receive many gifts. Finally, the light around the window disappeared, and all around was quiet.

Cold snow continues to fall. Shivering with cold, she sat crushed by the outpouring of snow. Stomach feels hungry and could not move. The girl who was cold, blow, blow his breath into his hands. But, little did not warm it up. "If I lit a match, it may be a little warm." Then she lit a match with Swipe on the wall.

Crrrs Then from within came a heated flame. "Oh, the warmth."The girl raised her hand toward the heating furnace. At the time the fire was the stove was extinguished disappeared. The girl lit second match sticks. This time the flames emerge from a wide assortment of dishes.

In front of his eyes, stood a table covered with warm food. "Wow, looks good." Then roast a goose flying toward him. But, when he tried to reach out, the fire goes out and dish it disappeared. The girl immediately took out the match, then turn it on again. Crrrs!

Suddenly the girl was under an enormous Christmas tree. "Wow! More beautiful than a Christmas tree was visible from the window." In it, there are many Christmas tree candle that shines. "Wow! It's beautiful!" The girl extended her hand absently and lighters swaying in the wind. However, the candle light up the sky and getting dimmer. Then turned into a star very much.

One of the stars quickly became the star switch. "Well, tonight there is someone who died and went to the place of God, yes ... When my grandmother was alive, I was told by him." Staring at the sky, the girl remembered the good-hearted grandmother.

Then she lit a candle again. Then in the light of the fire appears that she missed being my grandmother. Smiling, she stuck out his hand toward the girl.
"Grandma!" Like a dream, the girl jumped into the arms of Grandma.
"Oh, Grandma, I've wanted to see '" She was telling the events that happened, in the arms of his beloved grandmother. "Why is Grandma going to leave me alone? Do not go again. Take me away to where my grandmother." At that matches the child's burned out. "Ah, if the fire dies, she will go too. Like the stove and the food was ..."

The girl immediately collects the remaining matches, then turn it all. The roll was burnt matchsticks, and illuminate the surroundings as DAY. Grandmother hugged her tightly. With shrouded light, the grandmother and the girl went up to the sky with gradual."Grandma, we want to go?" "To where God resides."

Both higher and higher into the sky. Grandma said softly to her, "If it is in heaven, Your mother is waiting and preparing delicious food for us." The girl laughed delightedly. In the morning. People passing in the street to find a match seller girl face down in the snow. "oh my god! This little girl passed out in a place like this.""Get a doctor!"

The people who gathered around him all deplored the death of the girl. Mothers who refuse to buy lighters in the night crying out loud and said, "Poor you, kid. If there is no place to go, should I put into the house." City people held a memorial service at her church, and pray to God that they have been friendly even to the poor.


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