Friday, December 23, 2011

Ants And Cocoon

Ants And Cocoon
In a dark forest, lived a variety of wild animals and tame. There are rabbits, birds, cats, dragonflies, butterflies and others. One day, forest in a very powerful storm lunge.The wind was blowing hard, Ants And Cocoon hit a tree and leaves. Kraak ... the sound of broken branches. Many animals can not save himself, except the ants who take refuge in the soil. The new storm stopped when the morning before. The warmth of the sun shining again.

Ants And Cocoon
Suddenly from the ground, appeared an ant. The ants are sheltered from the storm because he could get into the nest on the ground.

While walking, he saw something lying on a limb crushed leaves. What he found was a cocoon that fell from a tree as the storm last night.

Ants And Cocoon
Ant asked, "What type of insect you.? Why you do not have legs and hands.? ".Ants And Cocoon"I am a cocoon, I do not have hands and feet. Unable to walk, run and climb like you ". The ant murmured, "Hmm, very uncomfortable into a cocoon, locked and can't go everywhere." "Being a cocoon very embarrassing!" "Look at me, could go anywhere I want," sneered ant at the cocoon. Ants continued to repeat his words on each animal that had he found.

Ants And Cocoon
A few days later, the ants walking on muddy roads. He does not realize that the mud that can suck himself stepped deeper and deeper. "Oh, it's hard to walk in dirty places like this," complained the ants. The longer, the ants are getting drowned in the mud. "Please ... please," cried the Ant.

 "Well, it looks like you're trouble ... yes?" The ants surprised to hear that voice. He looked around to find the source of the sound. "We both insects, very embarrassing to walk in the mud with a dirty body like that" "Try if you had wings like this would not trouble." 

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Ant looking up, saw a beautiful butterfly flew toward him. "Hi ant, I was a cocoon that once you taunted. Now I've become a butterfly. I could go anywhere I like with my wings. See ... now you can not walk in the mud, right? "Well, I realize ... I apologize for taunting. Will you help me now ...? "Said the Ant on the butterfly.

Finally, a beautiful butterfly helps ants are stuck in the mud suction. Not how long, the ant is free from mud suction. Once freed, Ant says thanks to butterflies. "Thank you willing to help me." "It's okay, it is our duty as a living being to help the trouble, is not it? Therefore, you should not taunt the other animals. Because every creature must have advantages and disadvantages are given by the Almighty Creator ". Since then, the ants and butterfly became close friends.

Moral: Fellow creatures of God, do not mock and insult each other because the insult is not necessarily better than the one insulted.


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Beautiful story with profound lesson

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