Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monkeys Became King of The Jungle

The Forest King "Lion" was shot hunter, jungle dwellers nervous.They do not have a king anymore. Not how the jungle inhabitants gathered to choose a new king. First to be nominated is Leopard, but the leopards reject. "No, I've seen people running helter skelter," he said. "If so Rhinos course, you're very strong," said the other animals. "No-no, my vision is not good, I've hit a tree many times." "Oh ... maybe elephants are to be King, you're a big loss ..", said other animals. "I can not fight and my movements very slow," said the elephant.

The animals become confused, they have not found a replacement king. When about to disperse, ape suddenly shouted, "Man who becomes king, he's already killed the Lion"."Impossible," replied the squirrel. "Try me ... you all noticed, I'm similar to a human right?, Then I'm the one that fits into a king," said the ape. After going through the negotiations, agreed monkey forest dwellers became the new king. 

Once appointed to be king, the monkey's behavior did not like the King. It works just lazing while eating delicious food, delicious. The inhabitants of the animal becomes irritated, especially wolves. Wolf thought, "how the monkeys can identify themselves with yes men?, His body is just the same, but the brain is not".Wolf got the idea. One day, he went ape. "My lord, I found the food very delicius, I am sure my lord will like. I will deliver the master to the place," said the wolf. Without thinking, monkeys, the new king went with wolves. In the middle of the woods, sitting monkey's favorite fruit. Greedy ape directly attacking the fruit.Apparently, the monkey immediately collapsing into the ground.Foods that disergapnya was man-made trap. "Please ... please," shouted the monkeys, as he struggled to get out of the trap.

"Hahahaha! I had never imagined, a king foolishly caught in traps set man, like the monkey king which can protect its people," said the wolf and other animals. Not long after the animals leave the ape, a hunter came to the place. See any monkeys in it, he immediately brought his catch to the house.

Moral: Treat our friends well, do not be arrogant and lazy. If we are arrogant and treat friends arbitrary, later we will lose them.


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