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Princess Sleeping

Princess Sleeping
Once upon a time, there is a country that is led by the king a very fair and wise. Its people prosperous and fulfilled all their needs. But there is one that still feels lacking. The King has not been blessed with offspring. Every day the king and the empress always pray for blessed with a child. Finally, the prayer of the king and empress granted. After 9 months pregnant, the empress gave birth to a child a beautiful woman. The king was happy, he held a royal feast and invite friends and all his people. The king also invited seven good witch to give good spell.

"Be thou the princess of a good heart", said the first witch. 
"Be thou beautiful princesss," said the second witch.
"Be thou the princess of an honest and graceful," said the third witch. 
"Be thou the princess of a good dancer", said fourth witch. 
"Be thou the princess of a friendly", said fifth witch. 
"Be thou a clever princess singing," said the sixth witch. 

Before the seventh to give the spell a witch, all of a sudden the palace doors open. The wicked witch came in, shouting, "Why am I not invited to this party?".
The last witch spell had not had time to hide behind the curtain."Because I was not invited, I will curse your son. Wicked old magician who immediately approached the bed of the princess, saying," The princess will die by needle yarn spinners, ha ha ha ha ... .. ". The wicked witch leave immediately after removing the curse.

The invitation was surprised to hear the wicked witch's curse. The king and the empress weeping bitterly. At that time, came the good witch of the seventh, "Do not worry, I can lighten the curse of a wicked witch. The princess will not die, he would only fall asleep for 100 years after being exposed needle spinners, and he would wake up again after a Prince came to him ", said the seven witches. After that, the King immediately ordered all spinners tools that exist in the country immediately collected and burned.

Princess sleeping
Sixteen years later, the princess has grown into a beautiful young woman and good-hearted. Not how long the King and Queen to travel abroad. Just beautiful princess who lived in the palace. He walks out of the palace. He entered into a castle. Inside the castle, he saw a room he had never seen before. He opened the room door and turns in the room, he saw an old woman is being spinners yarn. After talking with an old grandmother, the Princess sat in front of the spinneret and began to play a spinner that. While being engrossed playing loom, suddenly spinneret needle punctured the finger of the princess. He screamed in pain and fell to the floor. "Hi ... hi ... hi ...'re dead!", said the grandmother who turned out to be the wicked witch.

Loss of the princess of the palace make his parents worry. All persons are commanded to seek the Princess. The princess was found. But he is in a state of unconsciousness. "My son! Poor once your fate ..." said king. Suddenly there came a good-hearted young wizard. He said, "Do not worry, my lady would only fall asleep for a hundred years. But he will not be alone. I'll make you all fall asleep," she said, while spreading his magic to the whole palace. Then, witch shut palace with a thorn bush so no one could enter the palace.

One hundred long years passed. A prince from across the country was passing in the palace were covered brambles. According to the story of villagers in the vicinity, the palace was inhabited by a terrible dragon. Of course, Prince did not believe it on the news. "I'll destroy the dragon," said the Prince. Prince went to the palace. Arriving at the gate of the palace, Prince issued a sword to cut the bush blocking the driveway. However, after repeatedly cut the bush back to normal. "The bush is this?"Prince said in astonishment. Suddenly appeared a good-hearted young magician. "Wear this sword," he said, while giving sword with a base of glittery.

princess sleeping
With a new sword, the Prince managed to get into the palace."Well, here's tower guarded by a dragon." Prince quickly climbed the tower. Wicked witch saw it happen through a crystal ball. "You finally came, Prince. You will be exposed to the curse of my magic!" Wicked witch rushed up to the tower. He is facing the Prince. "O Prince!, If you want entry, you must defeat me first!"cried the Penhyihir. In an instant, he transformed himself into a fearsome giant dragon. He spat hot fire.

Prince avoid bursts of fire. He deflect light emitted from the mouth of the dragon with his sword. When the a base of glittery, the beam bounces back and about the eye of the giant dragon. 

princess sleeping
Then, with lightning speed, the Prince threw his sword into the dragon's neck. "Aaaa ....!" The dragon fell sprawling on the ground, and back into shape, and then die. Once the body of the witch had disappeared, thorny bushes that had been shut palace to vanish. In the courtyard, the flowers begin to bloom and the birds chirping happily. Prince was amazed to see that. Suddenly a young witch who kindly appeared in the presence of the Prince.

"Prince, you have succeeded in removing the curse of this palace. Now go to where the Princess's bed," he said. Prince headed to a room where the princess slept. He saw a beautiful princess with cheeks as red as roses that broke. 

princess sleeping
"Princess, open your eyes," he said, while holding the hand of the Princess. Prince kissed the Princess. At that moment, it's gone curses the princess. After falling asleep for a hundred years, the Princess awoke to confusion. "Ah ... what happened ...? Who are you ...? He asked. Then the prince told all the events that have happened to the Princess.

"Prince, you have beaten a hideous dragon. Thank you Prince," said the Princess. In the hall of the palace, everyone waited for the arrival of the Princess. When he saw the Princess in good health, the King and Queen are very happy. They are very grateful to the Prince of the brave. 

story for child
Then Pangerang said, "My lord king, the servant had one request. Servant wanted to marry the Princess." The king agreed. All the people involved are happy to hear about it. Wedding day the Princess and Prince was arriving. People flocked from all over the country to say goodbye. Seven witch good also came with a prize.


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