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Kancil Thief Cucumber

Kancil Thief Cucumber
A hot day. The sun was blazing. But it does not really felt by the Kancil. He was fast asleep under a shady tree.
Suddenly beauty dream was interrupted. "Help.! Help.! Help.!" Came to a shout and scream repeatedly. Then the sound of the feet of animals that are running.
"What is it, this.?" said kancil. His eyes blinked, felt heavy to be opened because it is still sleepy.

From a distance seems a bunch of animals running toward him."Fire.! Fire.! Fire." Cried the Goat. "Let's run away, CIL.! There was a fire in the woods."
It was true. Thick smoke rolled up into the sky. kancil saw fear. He immediately got up and ran after his friends.

Kancil kept running. Diminutive kancil, he can run very fast. Unnoticed, kancil ran away, leaving his friends.
"Oh, my breath feels exhausted," kancil stopped, panting, and sat down to rest. "Huh, where other animals.?" Kancil happy because out of danger, but suddenly he felt afraid. "Well, I was where now.? Looks like I've never been here."

Kancil walks while observing the surrounding area. "Wow, I got lost. Alone again. How is this.?" Kancil getting scared and confused. "Lord, help me."

Kancil continued to explore the forest that had never been crossed. Unnoticed, he arrived at the woods edge. He saw a field belonging to Mr. Farmer.
"The field of vegetables and fruits.? Oh, thank God. Thank you, Lord," Hare's eyes widened. The area is full of vegetables and fruits are ready for harvest. "Wow, cool."
"It happens really, I was thirsty and famished," said Kancil while swallowing saliva. "My throat also feels dry and my stomach growling to be filled. Eat first, ah."

Kancil direct devouring vegetables and fruit - fruit that is in the fields. "Hmm, very delicious," said kancil, rubbing his stomach that glut. "If every day a party like this, would be cool."
Once satisfied, hare lay down under a shady tree. A breeze is blowing, making him sleepy. "Oeam, I so want to sleep again," said kancil, yawning.
Eventually, he fell asleep, continued his nap disturbed because of fires in this forest. Her sleep was so sound asleep, until the sound of his snoring. KRR ... KRR ... krrr ...

When he woke the next day, Kancil was hungry again. "Oh, the party continued again, here," said kancil to himself. "This time I was picky, ah. Who knows what my favorite cucumber."
Hare then walked around the vast field that Mr. Farmer. "Wow, that she was looking for!" Cried kancil happy. "Hmm, looks so fresh cucumber. Great - great again.! Well, certainly pleasant here."
Direct Kancil eating cucumber until full. "Wow, very delicious breakfast cucumber," said kancil, smiling with satisfaction.
The day was already daylight. Then kancil back under a shady tree to rest.

Mr. Farmer was aghast when he saw his field. "Well, my cucumber field a mess like this," Mr. Farmer said grimly. "Action who this.? There must be new and vicious pests. Or could there a naughty boy or a hungry beast that stole cucumber.?"
Field cucumbers were really messy. Many trees damaged cucumber trampled. And there are many scattered pieces of cucumber on the ground. "Well, be careful, yes, if you get caught! "Muttered Mr. Farmer wagging his scythe." Cucumber harvest became a mess. " Mr. Farmer was busy all day then come back to fix the field that was messy.

From its resting place, kancil continues to pay attention. "Well, he certainly called Mr. Farmer," said the kancil to himself. "His mustache may also be. Thick, 'black, and curved upward. Funny. Hi ... hi ... hi ....

Kancil Thief Cucumber
Previous Kancil had never met a human. But he often heard stories about Mr. Farmer from his friends. "Oh, yes Mr. Farmer really long time," said Kancil. Yes, he has been waiting a long time. That afternoon, kancil like to eat a cucumber again. Apparently, he was addicted to eating the fresh cucumber.
In the afternoon, Mr. Farmer came home while carrying a basket of cucumbers on his shoulder. He came back while complaining because the yield was reduced. And the time is up for re-arrange the field that was messy.

"Ah, finally arrives also the time, I've been waiting," kancil got up and walked to the fields. The naughty animal back feasting on cucumber.
 The next day, Mr. Farmer furious and angry to see his field mess again. "It's really outrageous," exclaimed Mr. Farmer said, clenching his hands. "It turned out that other crops are also damaged and stolen."

Mr. Farmer knelt on the ground to find traces of the thief. "Well, the thief must have an animal," said Mr. Farmer. "Human footprints do not like this shape."
Mr.Farmer determined to catch the thief. "I have to make a trap to catch it!"
Mr. Farmer then immediately left the field. Arriving at his house, he makes a doll that resembles a human. Then he rubbed the field doll with a sticky jackfruit sap!

Mr. Farmer returned to the fields. Scarecrows it installed in the middle of the field cucumbers. Shaped just like a person who was on guard. Baggy clothes flapping in the breeze. While the hat head wears, such as belonging to Mr. Farmer.
"Well, it looks like Mr. Farmer was not alone anymore," said kancil, who watch from afar. "He came with his friend. But why his friend was silent, and Mr. Farmer left her alone in the middle of the field?"

Story For Child
Hare to wait a long time to friend Mr. Farmer's departure. Finally, he could not stand. "Ah, I better go," said kancil decided."Same time apologized for stealing cucumbers, Mr. Farmer. Who knew I was even given free cucumber."

"Excuse me, sir," regret kancil in front of a scarecrow it. "I was the one who has stolen cucumber, Mr. Farmer. My stomach is hungry. You're not mad, right?"
Of course, Scarecrow it did not answer. Hare repeatedly apologized. But he remained silent. His face was smiling, looking like a mock kancil.

"Huh, so proud!" kancil exclaimed angrily. "I'm sorry, why did not say anything. Even smiled mockingly. What it funny.?" he grumbled.
Kancil finally could not take it anymore. Kancil to punch scarecrow it with his right hand. Buuuk! Wow, how his hands can not be withdrawn? To punch again with his left hand. Buuuk! Well, now firmly attached his hands to the doll's body.
"Let go of my hand!" Shouted the exasperated kancil. "Otherwise, I will kick you!" Buuuk! Now the legs his are also attached to on a scarecrow body. "Oh, how is this?"

In the afternoon, Mr. Farmer returned to the fields. "Well, here's the thief!" Mr. Farmer pleased to see the trap was successful."Apparently, you have damaged the areas and steal

My cucumber. "Mr. Farmer laughed when removing kancil." He said kancil are smart animals, "sneered Mr. Farmer." But why be fooled by the puppets rice field. Ha ... ha ... ha .... "
Kancil just resigned to take home by Mr. Farmer. He was incarcerated in the henhouse. But Kancil was surprised when Mr. Farmer asked his wife to prepare satay seasoning.

"I have to go tonight also" determination Kancil. If not, I'm dead. "
In the evening, when everything is asleep, calling kancil dog, the guard house. "Shhh ... dog, come here," whispered Kancil."Introducing, I am Kancil. Domesticated animals newly Mr. Farmer. Did you know? Tomorrow I will be invited Mr. Farmer attended a party at the house of Mr. Lurah. Cool, huh?"

Dogs were surprised to hear that. "What.? I do not believe it.! I have long joined Mr. Farmer had not been asked to leave. Uh, you've been invited new animal.."
Kancil smiled knowingly. "Well, it's up if you do not believe it. Saw tomorrow! I'm not lying!"

The dog apparently influenced by the words of the Kancil. He requested that kancil persuade Mr. Farmer to invite her to go to the party.
"Okay, I'll try to persuade Mr. Farmer," promised Kancil. "But tonight you must accompany me to sleep in the chicken coop. How?" Dogs agree with the hare bid. He immediately opened the cage door latch and entered. Deftly, Kancil dashed out of the cage.

"Thanks," said kancil, closing the back door latch."Excuse me, you know, I was forced to lie. Say hello yes, for Mr. Farmer. And please convey to him my forgiveness." Kancil sprinted left the house Mr. Farmers. The poor dog it realized the truth when kancil has disappeared.


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