Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Landi Hedgehog The Loneliness

Landi Hedgehog The Loneliness
In the shady woods, lived a young hedgehog who feels lonely. Landi his name. Landi has no friends because his friends fear a sharp thorn in his body. "Sorry Landi, we wanted to play with you, but durimu very sharp," said Cici and her friends. Stay Landi alone. He could only mourn. "Why do not they want to be friends and play with me?, Though, there is no an animal which had punctured my thorn," muttered Landi.

The next few days Landi just daydreaming on the banks of the river. "Ah, if only all this duriku lost, I could be free to play with my friends," said Landi in the liver. Landi felt it was unfair her life is, always shunned his friends.

When being preoccupied with his thoughts, came Kuku Tortoise. "What are you lamunkan, Landi?" said Kuku surprising. "Ah, no," said Landi shame. "If you have any problems, I'm ready to listen," said Kuku.

Kuku tortoise then sat next to Landi. Then Landi began to talk about the problem. "You do not need to worry. I'm willing to be your friend. Trust me!" said Kuku, he shook hands with Landi. What a joy liver Landi. Now he has a friend. "Your shell looks so heavy. Do you not feel miserable?" said Landi. "Oh, absolutely not. It is very useful shell. This shell can protect me. If there is danger, I just need to pull the legs and my head to inside. Great is not it? Plus I do not have to bother looking for a place to live." My house could be moved -move on my terms ", says the tortoise Kuku while practicing what he says. Landi hedgehogs feel comforted.

One day, a friend Landi named Sam Beetle's birthday. All are invited, including Landi Hedgehog. "Come Landi, you must come to the party," coaxed tortoise Kuku. "I do not want to because then other friends who would definitely stay away for fear of being pierced by a thorn," Landi said sadly. "Do not worry, you're not alone. I'll stay with you. There are many delicious cakes and of course apples too!" Hearing the word apple, Landi be tempted. He was very fond of apples. Finally Landi will also set out with Kuku tortoise.

Landi Hedgehog The Loneliness
Sam frog party very festive. Smell the fragrance of many flowers in every corner of the room. There are two long tables placed on either side of the page Sam frogs. On it are various kinds of cakes and fruits. "Look! On the table there is a barrel of apple syrup!, Landi said". Landi and Kuku turtles, congratulates to Sam frogs. After blowing the candles. All clapped their hands while singing "Happy Birthday". At the dance, all that are invited escape from Landi hedgehog. They fear Landi porcupine thorn. Finally, Kuku tortoise who accompany Landi to dance.

Suddenly, the party that's fun is interrupted by cries of Tito. He came running scared. "Look out! Evil wolf come! Please ...! Please ...! He cried, with breathless. All in fear. They are fleeing. Because he could not run, Kuku tortoise directly enter the head and legs into his shell . 

Story For Child
Hedgehog Landi immediately roll his body into a ball. the wolf is chasing evil friends Landi, body Landi not see. All of a sudden, "Brukk, aduhhh ..." shouted the big bad wolf. He pricked sharp thorns Landi Hedgehog. While holding illness, wolf evil just ran helter skelter. So selamatlah Landi and her friends.

"Hooray! Hooray! Live, Landi Hedgehogs! "All animals see Landi. Landi be blush so." Landi I'm sorry, I've been away from you. And you never hurt me. It turns out that thorn tajammu have saved us all, "Cici regret Rabbit. Finally, all who come to the party apologized to Sam Frog Hedgehog Landi, because having been away from he then they also thank Landi Hedgehogs for protecting them from evil wolf. Now, Landi Hedgehog do not feel lonely anymore. his friends are not afraid anymore to the sharp thorns. Even they feel safe if Landi to be near them.


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