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Straw Merchant

Straw Merchant
Once upon a time, there was a poor boy named Taro. It works for others farm and live in mow his master's house. One day, Taro went to the temple to pray. "O, God of Grace.! I have worked in earnest, but my life is not berkercukupan". "Help me to live happy". Since then each completed work, Taro went to the temple. One night, a strange thing to wake Taro. All around a luminous, then came the voice. "Taro, listen carefully. Take care well, the first thing you get, tomorrow. It will make you happy."

Straw Merchant
The next day, when out of the gate of the temple, Taro fell. When she realized she was holding a straw. "Oh, so. Intention God is straw, yes.? What is this straw will bring happiness.?", Taro thought. Although somewhat disappointed, with the objects acquired Taro walked with kept bring a straw.

Straw Merchant
On the way he caught a and tying a big fly that fly with great noise, surrounding the Taro in the straw. The fly it flying around in circles on a straw that has been tied to a twig. "Wow yes interesting," said Taro.

At that time, came the train followed by the guards. Inside the train it, a child was sitting, while looking at the flies Taro. "I want that toy." An attendant came at Taro, and asked for the toy it. "Please take", said Taro. The child's mother gave three orange as her gratitude to Taro.

"Wow, a straw can be of three oranges," said Taro in the liver. When continue her journey, seen a woman who is being rested and very thirsty. "I'm sorry, is there a place nearby springs?", Asked the woman. "There at the temple, but the distance is still far away from here, if you are thirsty, I give you, a orange," Taro said while giving her orange to her. "Thanks, blessing you, I'm being healthy and fresh again". Please accept this a woven fabric as our gratitude, her husband said. With feelings of joy, Taro walked, while carrying a woven fabric it.

Not long after, come a samurai with his horse. When near the Taro, the samurai's horse fell and could not move anymore. "Oh, whereas we're in a hurry." The guards negotiate, what to do with the horse it. Seeing the situation this, Taro offered to take care of the horse. Instead, Taro gave a roll of woven fabric that he get to guards of the samurai.
Taro takes water from the river and immediately gave it to the horse. Then with very excited, Taro brings healthy horses it while carrying two rolls of fabric are left.

Straw Merchant
When the day of late night, Taro went to the house of a farmer to ask fodder for horses, and instead he gave a roll of cloth he had. The farmer looked at the beautiful fabrics, and felt very happy. To thank farmer it Taro entertain dinner and lets her stay at his house. The next day, Taro excused himself to the farmer and continued their trip by riding his horse.

Suddenly in front of a big house, the people seemed very busy moving stuffs. "If there is a horse of course very useful," thought Taro. Then Taro go to the home page and ask if they need a horse. The homeowner said, "Well a good horse. I want it, but I currently do not have the money. What if I replace it with my field? '. "Well, money if used soon will run out, but if fields tilled will produce rice, please if you want to be exchanged," said Taro.

"Wise once, you're young. What if while I was away to a distant country, you stay here to guard it?", Asked the owner of the house. "Fine, Thank you sir". Since then Taro to keep the house it, while working cleaning and cultivating fields that acquired. When autumn arrives, Taro harvest the rice is very much.

Story For Child
The longer, Taro richer. Because of his wealth came from a straw, he was given the nickname "Straw Merchant". The rich neighbor came to Taro and requested that their daughter be his wife by Taro. But finally, Taro married a girl from the village where he was born. His wife worked diligently to help Taro. And they blessed cute kids. Time passed, but The owner of the house never to return again. Thus, Taro lived happily with his family.


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when i was a kid, my mom always read this story...

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