Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Magic Flute

Story For Child
Kancil was fun walking in the forest of bamboo. "It was nice to walk bamboo jungle, cool and so peaceful," said the kancil in the liver. Preoccupation run make he forgot a way out, he tried a short cut through the trees with bamboo. But what happens, kancil sandwiched between bamboo trees. " Help! Help! " cried the kancil. He struggled, but the more he struggled the more strongly pinched. He just hoped there are other animals that help.

The Magic Flute
Not far from the bamboo forest, a tiger is resting while listening to birds chirp. He fantasized can sing like a bird. "If I could sing like a bird, but who would teach me to sing?", She asked herself. A breeze makes a sleepy tiger. Shortly after he was snoring audible creaking sound. The voice grew louder because brought the wind. "What's that noise?" said the tiger.

" Certainly not the sound of birds chirping, the sound seems to come from the direction of the bamboo forest, I'd better investigate it, "said the tiger. Voice clearer when the tiger reached the bamboo forest. He discovered kancil sandwiched between bamboo trees." Well I was very lucky today, without much effort delicious dishes had available ", said the tiger to the kancil berdecap his tongue as he saw the kancil body fat. kancil very frightened." What must I do to escape safely? ", thought the kancil.

The Magic Flute
"Tigers are good, do not you eat me, my body a little would not be make full you." "I do not care, I have long waited for this opportunity," said the tiger. The wind suddenly blows again, kriet kriet .... ... "What's that noise?", said Tiger curious. "That's my magic flute sound," replied the kancil quickly. His brain has found a clever way to escape. "I'm willing to teach as long as you do not devour me, how?" Asked the kancil. Tiger tempted by the offer of the kancil, because she wanted to be able to sing like a bird.

He thought blowing the flute no less great with singing. Hand of kancil pretending to fun play the flute along with wind gusts. While the tiger looks very seriously. "The song just like that?", Asked the tiger. "These basic tone", replied the kancil.

The Magic Flute
" Here's how, let you come and loosen this bamboo rod from my body ", said the kancil. Tigers do what said kancil until the kancil finally freed from clamp of bamboo trees." Well, now put your neck and stick out your tongue at the bamboo sticks this. Then blow gently, "Mouse Deer explained seriously." Do not be surprised, yes, if sometimes less melodious voice, but if it is not broke a good voice. " " Fortunately there the tiger, hmm stupid he is, where there is a magic flute, "said the kancil in the liver.

Tigers who have been pinched between the bamboo sticks are not aware that he had deceived the kancil. "You want go anywhere, CIL?", Asked the tiger. "I want a drink, my throat dry because most of blowing the flute," replied the kancil. "What's I have to learn on their own?", Said the tiger again. "I went not long, then when I come back, you should can blow it," replied the kancil as he left the tiger.

After the kancil away, the wind blows breezy - breezy and becoming increasingly tight. Bamboo tree trunks to rub against each other and squeaked. "Hooray, I can!", Exclaimed the tiger passionate. Because too excited blowing, tongue tiger became sandwiched between bamboo rods. He screamed in pain and immediately pulled his tongue from bamboo tongs.

The Magic Flute
"Well, it turns out I had been duped again by the kancil, how stupid I am!, Definitely squeaky sounds that, the sounds bamboo scrape. "Grr, really outrageous, if meet later I'll beat the kancil", said the tiger.

Having tired of searching for the kancil, the tiger finally resting under a tree. The wind blows again. Kriet .. .. kriet kriet make bamboo rods rub against each other and squeaked. This makes the anger little subsided tiger. He became drowsy and fell asleep. In her dream, she dream can blow the original flute! Make animals dance and sing.


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