Friday, December 16, 2011

Reciprocation Heron

Once upon a time somewhere in Japan, there lived a young man named Yosaku. It acts taking firewood in the mountains and sold it to the city. Money from the sale of food bought. Continue like that every day. Until one day when he walked home from town he saw something that flounder in the snow. Once in close to him was a bird trapped entangled stork was thrashing. Yosaku soon release the device. Stork was very excited, he circled overhead Yosaku several times before flying into space. Due to the extremely cold weather, when he got home, turned on the stove Yosaku fire and prepare dinner. At that time there was a knock on the door outside the house.

When the door opened, it appears a beautiful girl standing in front of the door. His head was filled with snow. "Come in, Miss must be cold, please your body warm by the stove," says Yosaku."Miss willing to go where exactly?", Tanya Yosaku. "I intend to visit my friend, but due to heavy snowfall, I'm so lost." "May I stay here tonight?". "It's okay to miss, but I was poor, had no bedding and food." , Said Yosaku. "It's okay, I just want to be allowed to stay". Then she straightened her room and cooking a nice meal.

When I woke up the next morning, she was already preparing the rice. Yosaku think that she will soon be gone, she feels lonely. The snow was still falling heavily. "Stay here until the snow subsides." After five days had passed the snow subsided. The girl said to Yosaku, "Make me as your wife, and let me stay on in this house." Yosaku was happy to receive the request. "Starting today I call Otsuru", said the girl. After becoming a wife Yosaku, Otsuru homework seriously. One day, Otsuru asked her husband, Yosaku, yarn bought him because he wanted to weave.

Otsuru began to weave. He gave the message to her husband so do not ever peek into the insulation where Otsuru weaving. After three days consecutive weaving without eating and drinking, Otsuru out. Cloth weaving is finished. "It's woven ayanishiki. When brought to the city would be sold with high prices. Yosaku very pleased that the weaving of cloth bought one the price is quite expensive. Before going home he bought various items to take home." Thanks to you, I get as much money as This, thanks to my wife. But actually the merchants in town wants more fabric like that again. "Well be me to make", said Otsuru. The cloth was finished on the fourth day after Otsuru weaving. But it seems Otsuru unhealthy, and his body became emaciated. Otsuru asked her husband to ask him not weave anymore.

In town, the merchant asked for a cloth one for Princess Kimono host. If no then it will Yosaku decapitated. It was narrated Yosaku on his wife. "Okay I'll Make some more, but only one strand yes", said Otsuru.

Due to the condition of his wife's dismay the increasingly weak and emaciated after every weave, Yosaku willing to look into the weaving room. But he was very surprised when he saw in the weave room, apparently a stork being plucked his feathers to be woven into cloth. So that the body was almost bare stork feathers out. Stork finally realized she was noticed by Yosaku, stork that was transformed back into Otsuru. "Finally you see it too", said Otsuru.

"Actually I was a stork that once you please", to return the favor I changed into a human and do this, "said Otsuru.

" Then it was time I parted with you ", continued Otsuru." Forgive me, please do not leave me , "says Yosaku. Otsuru eventually turn back into a heron. Then he flapped his wings fly immediately out of the house into the sky. Abide Yosaku himself regretted his actions.


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