Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Adventure Gulliver

Story For Child
Long ago in England, there was a young doctor named Gulliver. He was happy to sail to a very distant country. Until at some point, when he sailed, came a very powerful hurricane. All the people who ride the ship was thrown into the sea. Gulliver continues to swim among the waves rolling. Finally, he was stranded on a beach.

When he opened his eyes, his body had been tied with small ropes and much fewer soldiers carrying spears his around. "Do not move! Look's doing!" "Hi boys Giants, who are you exactly?". "My name is Gulliver, which I was riding the ship sank and I was stranded here." "All right, we will take you to the Palace."  Then the soldiers small raised and raise up Gulliver to a large vehicle, which pulled little horses.

After arriving at the Palace and the ropes that bound him released, Gulliver tells what happened to himself and his ship to the king. "Well, you can stay here as long as you behave well and politely," said the King. After that, the king ordered his servants to prepare a dish for Gulliver. "As a courtesy, I want to give gifts to the king," said Gulliver taking out a pistol and tried to fire it. Door! The people in the city was shocked and ran, heard the gun, Gulliver. "Hm .. a great cannon," said King.

The next day, Gulliver walking around town after being cleared by the King. Gulliver feels like I'm walking between the buildings like a toy. Gulliver, getting familiar with the inhabitants in the Palace. Gulliver provides a memento in the form of a clock to them.

One day, the King came with his daughter to negotiate. The king was puzzled, because of the king of the neighboring countries, wants to marry his daughter. But her daughter did not want it. However, if the request is rejected, the king across the country threatened to come to attack. "Okay, I'll try to help, my lord," Gulliver asked provided ropes, which were given a hook at its end.

Adventure Gulliver
When he went to the port, the ships the enemy has been lined up in the middle of the sea. Gulliver goes towards the ship. Suddenly he was attacked with small arrows that did not feel in body Gulliver. He just closed his eyes with his hands so that the arrows were not on the eyes. Gulliver draws enemy ships into the harbor. "Life Gulliver!", "Great! Gulliver adamant." Finally, the king of neighboring apologized and promised never to fight again and will make friends.

The next day, Gulliver find a boat that has been broken and drifting on the waves. "If boat this good condition, I might be able to meet with a ship that will return to England. People of the country it helping Gulliver repair the ship. Thanks to the efforts and good cooperation, in an instant, the ship was right again." Thank you very much for your help all."

Adventure Gulliver
Came the day, where Gulliver should go home. He supplied food and cows are also raised to the boat. "Sire, I have been troublesome during his stay here in a long time, forgive me if I was a lot of mistakes." "Be careful Gulliver and farewell." Having escorted the King and all the inhabitants of the land, the boat went to sea Gulliver.

A few days later, from the front of the boat, Gulliver see a big ship. He immediately waved his hand, and he was helped by the ship. Coincidence, it turns out that the ship would return to England. "Thank God I finally can go home to England," said Gulliver in the liver. The people in onboard feel amazed, and curious with the story and see the little cow Gulliver brought by him.


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