Friday, December 23, 2011

Donkey Bearer Salt

Donkey Bearer Salt
On a summer day, looking a donkey walking in the mountains. The donkey was carrying several sacks of salt in his back. Sacks were massive, while the sun shines with the heat. "Oh so hot. Looks like I'm not keen to walk again," said the donkey. 

In front, looking a river. "Ah, there's the river! I better pause briefly," said the donkey with joy. Without thinking, he went into the river and ...

Donkey Bearer Salt
Byuur ... Donkey it slipped and fell. He tried to stand again but to no avail. Donkey a long time trying to stand. Surprisingly, the longer it is in the water, he felt his back the burden lighter. Eventually, the donkey could stand again. "My goodness, the salt out!" his master snapped. "Oh, sorry ... the salt dissolves in water it?" said the donkey.

A few days later, the donkey was given the job again to bring the salt. As usual, he had to walk through the mountains with his master. "Soon there will be a river up ahead," said the donkey in the liver. When walking across the river, donkey threw herself on purpose. 

Byuuur .... Of course, the salt that is in his back became soluble in water. The load becomes lighter. "This is Cool.! So brighter.!" said donkey lighter. However, knowing the donkey doing it on purpose, his master became angry. "Basic lazy donkey!" his master said furiously.

The next day, the donkey gets the task of carrying cotton. Once again, he walked with his master through the mountains. 

Story For Child
When it reached the river, once again Donkey dropped himself with a deliberately. Byuuur .... But what happened? The payload that was brought became hefty. Apparently, the cotton absorbs water and become heavy as stone. Like it or not, the donkey had to go with the existing burden of his back. Donkey staggered under the hot sun, carrying heavy loads his back.

Moral message:
Think before you act. Due to wrong actions will cause harm to us.


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