Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two Goat

Two Goat
Two goats strutting on a steep mountain. They separate a very deep ravine with the basis of a river flowing very fast. Both goats were about to cross the chasm to return to their homes.

It was by chance they are simultaneously both arrived at the brink. An old tree fallen, have become citizens of wildlife in the vicinity as a bridge to cross the ravine. Trees are used as the bridge is tiny so it can not be passed simultaneously by two goats without falling.

The bridge is very small it will make the most courageous person will become frightened. But the goat did not feel fear. A sense of arrogance and pride they have turned off the concerns that arise. Each goat will not budge and give way in advance to other goats.

When one of the goats set foot into the bridge, the other goats were not moved, and also set foot on the bridge. Eventually, the two met in the middle of the bridge. Both of them still will not budge and instead encourage each other with their horns.
Their horns were clashing. No one wanted to move! One goat then square off for Gore harder. Due to the header, goats only pushed to the back. Feeling overwhelmed, the goat which is driven square off for the reply. But opponents also face.

Dash! The sound horns clashing is deafening. They draw!

The two goats that square off and gore harder. The little bridge was swaying and the more curved due to the beat of the two goats. The harder the two goats it gore, wobbly bridges faster and faster.

Pride two goats had been deadly her guard. So when sound the bridge is going to broken, they ignored. Finally, during the third header, the bridge was broken right in the middle, two goats are finally falling into the abyss and were swept by the very heavy flow of water underneath.

Pride will lead to stubborn. Better relented, then had the misfortune because of stubbornness.


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