Thursday, January 19, 2012

Greedy Dogs

Greedy Dogs
A dog gets a bone from a person, came running back to his home as quickly as possible with a happy heart. When he passed a small bridge, he looked down and saw herself reflected in the water under the bridge. This dog thinks he's seen another dog carrying a bone bigger than hers.

If only he were thinking clearly, he would know that it's just a shadow. But greed has closed the clarity of her mind, so that the dog was soon dropped the bone he was carrying and jumped into the river, with the intention of size the bones of dogs were unknown, which true is only its shadow.

SLOSH! Along the dog jumped into the river, the bone which he was dropped also fell into the water and drowned. The greedy dog finally with great difficulty swam to the riverbank.

When he arrived safely at the edge of the river, he just stood pensive and sad because it even bone is he was carrying lost, and he did not get what he expected. The dog can only regret what happened and realize how stupid he was.

Dumb have a greedy nature. That's why God forbade His servants to have greedy nature.


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