Friday, January 13, 2012

Bats a Cowards

Bats a Cowards
In an African savannah, a lion is eating food. Suddenly an eagle flying low and grabbing a lion food. "Damn," said the lion. The forest king was furious that ordered all the animals to come together and declare war on the birds.

“From now on all bird species are our enemies," expel them all, do not be left! "Said the Lion. Other animals they have agreed because they feel be treated equally by the birds. As night began to arrive, the birds return to the nest.

The opportunity was used by the Lions and his men to attack. The birds fled in disorder. Luckily there is still an owl can see clearly at night so they could all get away from a lion attack and his men.

Seeing the birds lost, the bat feel anxious, so he ran to meet the king of the jungle. Bats said, "Actually, I include the rat, even though I have wings. So allow me to join the group, I would risk my life to fight against the birds. "Without thinking the lion was approved bats included in the panel.

Bats a Cowards
The next night the team headed lion attacking groups of birds returned and successfully drove them away. The next day, towards morning, when the lion is resting a group of birds attacking behind them with the lion's pelt with stones and nuts. "Beware of hail," cried the lion with a group of animals to escape. The bat was dismayed by it that he was minded to re-join the group of birds. He met the king of birds Eagles birds. "Look at my wings, I was a bird like you." Gladly eagle and accept bats.

The battle continues apes riding elephants or rhinoceroses while holding a bow and arrow. Their heads were protected by a cap from a coconut shell that does not work stoned.

Story For Child
After a group of lions wins, what are do bats?. He was back and forth side with the winning team. The nature of cowardice and not opinionated, which is owned bats eventually be known to both, the lion and the bird.

They are aware that there is no point of mutual hostility. And they are friends again and decided to expel bats from their environment. Bat feel very embarrassed, so he hid in the dark caves. He has appeared at night by stealth.


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