Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gonbe And 100 Ducks

Story For Child
In a village, lived a father with her son named Gonbe. They live from hunting ducks. Each hunt, father Gonbe only shoot one duck alone.

Seeing this Gonbe asked his father, "Why do we only shoot one a tail just Dad?", "Because if we kill all the ducks, the ducks will be exhausted and could not breed, other than that if we shoot ducks at random, we can get a punishment.

A few months later, Gonbe father fell ill and eventually died. Since then, Gonbe duck hunting alone and sell it. Finally, Gonbe bored with his job, he gets an idea.

Gonbe And 100 Ducks
The next day, Gonbe come to the lake that has become ice. He spread the food very much for the ducks.

Not long, the Ducks started to arrive and eat foods that are scattered. Because of glut, they fell asleep on top.

Gonbe soon ties the ducks into one. It binds 100 ducks at once. When the ducks to the one hundred will bind, suddenly ducks awake and immediately flew.

Gonbe And 100 Ducks
Gonbe is afraid of losing the prey, immediately hold the rope that ties to the Ducks. Since the number of ducks is tied, Gonbe lifted and carried upward. Gonbe continues flying through the clouds.

In-cloud lightning father and son were sleeping soundly. "Dugg!" legs have Gonbe tripping over body lightning father. Father thunder woke, lightning father angry, he immediately issued a rumble of thunder who then grabbed the ropes that bind the ducks were.

Gonbe fell into the sea! He fell right on top of the sea dragon's head in the his Kingdom. Seadragon became angry and began twirling his tail, and then struck into Gonbe. Gonbe flying again from the sea. Gonbe finally fell at high speed.

Gonbe And 100 Ducks
Gonbe eventually fell into thatched roof the house of an umbrella maker. "Are you okay?", Asked the manufacturer of umbrellas while helping Gonbe. "I'm sorry your roof was damaged. Give me the job to replace your losses". "Incidentally, I am currently a shortage of helpers," said the umbrella maker.

Since then Gonbe is diligent in making umbrellas. One day, while it is drying the umbrellas in the courtyard, came high winds. For fear of flying umbrella, Gonbe immediately arrested the umbrella it. But the umbrella continues to rise into the upper with Gonbe.

Gonbe And 100 Ducks
With trembling hands, Gonbe continues to hold an umbrella while continuing to fly with her umbrella to pass through several towns. Umbrella was finally torn because of snagged towers and trees. Gonbe fell. Fortunately, he fell right into a lake. Gonbe relieved.

Not long, was suddenly the head in peck Gonbe by a flock of animals. "Well, it's the ducks that I tie with rope. It was true, we must not be greedy capturing too many." Finally, Gonbe unties their ropes that bind the legs of the ducks and let them fly freely.

Moral: We should not be a greedy and greedy and stingy. The story above illustrates the punishment for people who are greedy and violating the provisions of existing.


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