Saturday, January 7, 2012

Objects Miraculous

Objects Miraculous
Tiger is engrossed mirrored in the river while washing his face. "Hmm, well I was dashing, strong muscular body and my camouflage colors are stunning," said the tiger in the liver. Pride Tiger makes like commanding and acting arbitrarily in other animals that are smaller and weaker.

Kancil finally could not stand anymore. "It's really outrageous the tiger!" said Kancil restrain anger. "He must be taught a lesson.! Let the give up! Thinking, half way Kancil meet with rabbits. They talked about tiger behavior and try to find an idea how to make the tiger give up.

After a long silence, "Well, I have an idea," said Kancil suddenly. "But you must help me," continued Kancil. "Look, you said to the tiger that I'd beat you because it has been bothering me, and also say on the tiger that I would beat up anyone who dared to disturb me, including the tiger because I'm running an important task," said Kancil to rabbits. "What important job, CIL?" asked the astonished rabbit. "Already, just say so, if the tiger was looking for me later, he was escorted down a large tree at the end of the street. I'll wait for Tiger there." "But I'm afraid of CIL, what plan this will succeed?", said the rabbit. "Believe me, if it fails do not call me Kancil intelligent." "Yes, yes. I believe,  but you should not be arrogant, later you'll be even more proud than the Tiger again."

Objects Miraculous
The rabbit then goes to see tigers that lounging. The rabbit was a little nervous to tell that happened to him. After hearing the story of a rabbit, tiger becomes furious to listen to that. "What.? kancil would beat me.?Grrr, dare he!!, said the tiger. As expected, the tiger asked to be delivered to the place of Kancil." That's the Kancil! " said Rabbit, pointing toward a large tree at the end of the road. "We're almost there, tiger. I'm afraid, later do not tell kancil if I said to you. Then I got beat again, "said the rabbit. The rabbit ran into the bushes.

Objects Miraculous
"Hi, Kancil! I hear you're going to hit me?" Tiger asked angrily. "Do not talk so loud, I'm getting an important task." "What an outstanding job it?" Then Kancil pointed to a large round object, which depends on the limb of a tree on it. "I have to keep object miraculous it." The object will what it is? "Tanya Tiger wonder." The thing that kind of small gong, but this thing does not just object, if beaten once melodious voice, can not be painted with words. The tiger was curious. "Can I hit him?, Who knows dizzy head will be lost, after hearing the melodious sound of that object." "No, no," said kancil. Tigers continue to persuade the Kancil. After a lengthy discussion, "Okay, but I have to go yet, do not blame me if anything happened?", said kancil.

Objects Miraculous
After kancil go, Tiger quickly climbed a tree and hit object that. But what happens ... Apparently, object it is a beehive! Nguuuung... nguuuung... nguuuung bunch of angry bees out of the nest because they feel harassed. Bees chasing and stinging of the tiger. " Help.! Help.! " Tiger yelled in pain while running.

He continued running towards the river. Byuur! The tiger immediately jumped into the river. He eventually survived the bee attack. "Grr, watch out you kancil!" Tigers hold shouted angrily. "I lied to again. But my dizzy really missing?". Although not hear the melodious sound object will, tigers are not too disappointed, because his head is not dizzy anymore.

Story For Child
" Hahaha! Look at Tiger's that dashing it ran away stung by a bee, "said kancil."  Smaller and weaker animals are not lost forever" "I hope the tiger can take advantage of this incident," said the rabbit full of hope. "

Moral: All living things have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we must not be arrogant and treat other living beings arbitrarily.


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