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Moni Monkey The Cunning

Moni Monkey The Cunning
That afternoon blew a gentle breeze. Moni sat sleepily on the limb. Suddenly his stomach rumbling sounds and feels hungry. He imagined how good when eating fruits. But he then remember the words of his friend. He said as Greedy, Voracious, etc.

He even remembered the words of Mr. Farmers who scolded him. "Beware, if you steal again! I will kill, you! If you want to eat fruit grown them! Working well and pursue it!" the farmer barks. Her neck hairs stand up when she recalled being beaten while stealing a banana and mango in orchard farm pack.

Moni then thinks how to get food so as not to get yelled at people. "Ah, I better find my best friend! Hopefully, he can help me," said Moni in the liver. He then walked down from the tree and look for frogs best friend. Arriving in the rice field, while singing she calls her best friend was.

Moni Monkey The Cunning
"Pung ... ketipung ... pung! he ... he ... he ...! Frogs is my friend, why do you have long failed to turn up? This friend is coming! I miss you so much! Comes the ... comes! "Hearing these songs appeared frog singing " Teot ... teot! Teot ... teblung! I'm the Frog is coming! "I missed you. How do I appear, if you did not show up?" Both animals were then talked release her longing. On that occasion also, Monkey convey her meaning.

"Frogs my friend, why do not we work together to plant the fruit," said the monkey. "Well, I totally agree. But the fruit of what it's most convenient and most easily grown?" frog replied. "Let's plant a banana only! Seed readily available and how to plant it easy, how?" said Monkey asked.

"Well, I'll look for the seed. Usually, many banana trees are swept away in the river. Let's get to the river!" replied frog. They then into the river. Arriving on the banks of the river he was playing around while waiting if there is the banana stem that drifts. That's true! Before long there is a banana tree which drifted.

Moni Monkey The Cunning
"Well, that it!" Frogs shouted, pointing to banana stem that drifts. "Let's drag it to the edge!" said Moni. "Come!" replied frog. They plunged into the river and pulled banana stem to the river bank. Arriving at the river bank, they raise banana stem to the mainland. They then wait if there is a drift banana again, but did not come as well. "Waiting is boring," said the monkey. "Well, then tomorrow we are back here again! Let's see if there is a drift banana again! This one for me," said the frog, holding a banana stem. "Ah, do not cheat.! It belongs to us. Rather than wait until tomorrow, we should divide the banana trunk is now," said the monkey.

" Well, we only cut this banana tree trunk in two. You're the bottom of and my the top "said the frog." Ah, do not cheat! Which can be fruitful it the top! I really need the fruit from you. The bottom can also be productive, "said monkey frog induce.

"Well, we're friendly. A friend should understand each other and help each other. We must not fight just because of a small matter. Bring the top! I am quite the bottom of only," said the frog attentive. They eventually brought the banana trunk into the woods. Moni took the upper banana stem and frog the lower part of to be planted.

Moni Monkey The Cunning
Once a month, monkey visit the frog They asked one another about the plant. "How your banana plant?" said Moni. "Ha ... ha ..., look! Fertile instead?! My plants are very lush. Leaves are so lush." replied frog, pointing to the station. "What about your plant?" asked the frog to Moni. "Well ..., my plants, too!" replied Moni lied to his friend. Moni lied because his plants are dead. The upper stem is not possible to live when planted.

Next month, Moni come again. Moni asked about the plants to frogs. "How your plant?" Moni asked. "Well, banana plants are very fertile, and now it is fruitful. How did your plant?" replied frog. "Likewise, my plants has been profitable. Even his fruit excellent," replied Moni lies to frog.

Moni Monkey The Cunning
They then talked jokingly. Once completed, Moni returned to the forest. At the next visit was fruit banana have a frog ripe, but frog can not pick because frog could not climb the banana tree. Frogs have recourse to Moni who was visiting. "Moni, help me to pick the ripe banana that!" said the frog to Moni.

"Well, gladly, let's go there!" said Moni. Moni immediately climbs a banana tree and when he got on top of quickly picking try to eat it. "Well, really ripe Your banana!" Moni shouted from the upper part of the banana tree. "Hi Moni, don't you eat alone. Quick picked for me," cried the frog. "Yes, not yet! I have not finished eating it," said Moni. One, by one banana, is consumed by Moni. Each frog asked Moni there only answers. The frog is never given. Even frogs just were thrown the banana skin.

"Better you eat the banana skin! Please accept!" said Moni. Frog angrily harassed by Moni. He told me, to give a lesson to the close Moni." Well, spend my banana. I'm not interested anymore. I'm full to eat mosquitoes. My main meal is the mosquito, not a banana as your food. "Said the frog in disgust.

"Ha... ha... ha... frog... frog, your own fault you can not climb. You can only jump only. Take a look at me! I can run, jump and climb. My food more many kinds than you. You better eat mosquitoes only. Bananas are actually for me not for you, "said Moni cavalier.

Story For Child
"Basic Moni greedy! Let's not much to say! Quick spend my banana! I will soon be cut down the banana tree," said frog angry. Finished said frog start cutting down banana trees. Moni immediately accelerates eating. Moni feels full and sleepy start. Banana tree trunks begin to sway and will collapse, but the Moni could not resist sleepiness. More rocking banana nose regarded as a swing. Finally, he fell. Her stomach has exposed the tip of a fine dry tree, and his body hit the banana tree trunk.

The moral: Do not be greedy, because greed can cause trouble / disaster on us.


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