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Jack And The Beanstalk

Jack And The Beanstalk
Once upon a time, there was a mother, and young son who lives in a village. Young man named Jack. Their lives are poor. Their property that there is only a cow, which over time has been reduced milk production. Recognizing this, the mother also plans to sell cattle that they have, then the money will be used to buy wheat. The plan, the wheat will be planted in a field near their home.

The next day, Jack took his cow to market. In the middle of the road to market, Jack met a grandfather. The grandfather admonished him, "Hi Jack, will you exchange sapimu with these magic beans?". "What, to exchange a peanut with sapiku?" Jack very surprised. "Do not insult.! This is a magic bean. If you plant it and leave it overnight, then the beans morning will grow up into the sky, said the old man explained." If it was all right, ok"replied Jack.

Jack And The Beanstalk
At home, Jack's mother is very shocked and angry. "What a fool you.! How can we live only with a grain of beans?" Jack mother was so angry, the mother throws the beans out the window. But what happens the next day? Apparently there is a giant tree that grows until it reaches the sky. "Well, it is true what the old man said, muttered Jack". Then carefully he immediately climbed the giant tree. "Oh, Where is the tip of the tree?" said Jack to himself.

Not long after, he looked down. He saw the houses to be very small. Finally he reached the clouds. There he could see a giant castle are magnificent. "I'm thirsty and hungry, perhaps in the palace I found the food," he muttered. Arriving at the front door of the palace, he knocked loudly. "Kriek ..." large doors open. When he looked up, came a great woman. "What, boy?", She said. "Good morning, I was thirsty and hungry, may I ask for some food?" Well, you're a polite one. Come in.! "She said kindly.

Jack And The Beanstalk
While Jack was eating, suddenly heard a loud footsteps, Duk Duk! It turns out the woman's husband arrived. He is a giant man-eaters. Quickly she said to Jack. "Son, hurry hiding! My husband comes." "Huaaa .... I went home. Quickly prepare a meal!" shouted the giant. Jack held his breath in the furnace. The giant suddenly smell a human. Then he peered into the furnace. Quickly, his wife said, "That's the human scent that we burn yesterday. This food is ready."

After eating, giant issued a purse containing money stolen gold, while drinking liquor. Then he began to calculate, how long he was drunk and fell asleep. Seeing this, Jack immediately came out of hiding. Before going home, Jack took the gold loot the giants as he walked to tiptoe.

Jack And The Beanstalk
Jack continues down the tree nuts and finally got home. "Mom ... look at this gold. From now on we become rich." "Jack, you can not get this much money easily. What are you doing?" Then he told all the events to his mother. "You are too brave Jack! What if giant had come to take it back," said her mother with a worried.

Since getting gold coins, each day Jack just to relax alone with stolen money. Not long, the money runs out. Jack climbed again  to beanstalk, to go to the palace. "You come again. What is it.?" said the giant's wife. "Good afternoon ma'am. Because I have not eaten all day, my stomach is so hungry." A good mother was silent, but he still gave him lunch. Suddenly .... Duk Duk Duk! The sound of giant footsteps. As formerly, he returned hiding in the furnace.

Jack And The Beanstalk
After entering the house, giant it ate with greedily. After that he put the chicken on the table, saying, "Chicken, remove the golden egg." Then the cock was crowing, "kukuruyuuk ....," He removed a golden egg. The giant was satisfied, he was drinking sake until she finally fell asleep. "Golden egg? Oh great!" Jack thought. Secretly he caught the chicken and quickly ran back home.

With his gold laying hens, Jack returned to relax alone. "Rather than you steal, better work in the fields alone," said his mother. Because every day the magic chicken in forcible issued a golden egg, the chicken was dead. He returned again to the giant's castle. And again he hid in the furnace, when the giant man came home with a harp. While drinking Sake, the giant said, "O harp, played a beautiful melody." Miracles were happening, harp plays with itself a beautiful melody. The song makes the sleeping giant.

Jack has the intention to steal the harp. Jack extended his hand, but ... "Sir, there is a thief ..." suddenly harp shouted. The giant awoke. He immediately ran to pursue Jack's carrying a giant harp. Giants continue to pursue, down the beanstalk. When they came downstairs, Jack shouted in a loud voice. "Mom .... Bring me the ax from the shed.! Fast.! Fast.!"  surprise, her mother saw a giant figure who comes chasing him, he trembled very fears. Once down from the tree, Jack immediately cut down the beanstalk with his ax.

With a loud voice, beanstalk collapsed. The giant fell to the ground, and die. Mother was very relieved to see Jack alive. While mengangis he said: "Jack, do not you do something more sinister like this. No matter how poor we work in earnest. With thanks to God, surely the two of us will live well." "Forgive me Mother, from now on I will work earnestly," said Jack to her mother.

Story For Child
 Since then, he works diligently every day. Beside it, harp playing with beautiful melodies that add to the spirit of Jack's work. The story of the magic harp has spread throughout the country. One day, a beautiful princess came to visit him. Not as usual, the harp plays a beautiful melody that makes the Princess was fascinated.

Then the harp sing: "If the Princess and Jack get married, be happy." Hearing the song, the Princess's cheeks flushed. Eventually Jack married a beautiful princess with the help of the harp. Since then Jack became a king who likes to help people in distress.

Moral: Working hard is much better than getting the goods or money from the loot.


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