Friday, November 2, 2012

Foolish King and His New Shirt

Once upon a time, there was a king who loved her performance and really likes to wear new clothes. He spent a lot of money to make a new dress, the king also want to wear new clothes in the morning, day and night, because the King has a habit of looking at himself in the mirror admiring himself and his new clothes

One day, there came two charlatans posing as a great dress maker. They claim that they are good at weaving and making garments with excellent quality, so much so that they use the fabric to make clothes invisible, except by smart people.

When the king heard it, he was impressed. "That's nice, I can tell anyone who is stupid and smart in this government," he thought. King immediately sent two people to make new clothes for him.

They were given a room in the palace and payment goldfinch very much, along with gold thread they requested as a condition to make the shirt. Second scammers hide gold thread they receive, and then pretend to work hard to make dresses.

A few days later, the king sent his ministers cannot wait to see the clothes made specifically. When the minister visited the scammers to impersonate, he rattled. "I do not see anything here," he thought. But the minister did not want to admit it because they do not want to look foolish by the king. So he praised both cheaters and say that the clothes they make very beautiful. After the minister left the room, two fraudsters guffaw.

Minister immediately report to the king. Curiosity with reports from the Minister, not long after the king came to see for themselves. It tried to look around the room, but he did not see anything. Do not want to say stupid, the king pretended to see clothes in particular and said, "This shirt is so beautiful, I cannot wait to wear it."

The next day is the day that the King would impose new shirts on parade around the city. The scammers have said goodbye and left the state with the ground will make clothes for the kings of other governments. Of course, they do not forget to bring the threads of gold they hide, along with gold money wage as a result of making clothes.

As the king wearing his new shirt, it still cannot see the shirt, and it felt cool. But again and again because they do not want to say people are stupid, the king acted as usually King spinning in front of the mirror and admire her new clothes, even though he did not see anything. All government offices also say that new clothes are very beautiful, because they do not want to be stupid.

Everyone had heard that the king would impose a new dress special day. When the king appeared, everyone was surprised because the king was not to dress. But they also have heard the news that the king dedicated a new shirt just smart people see it, and because they do not want to be stupid, they had to praise the king.

Suddenly the sound of a child screaming, "Look, where the new shirt king, the king was not wearing a shirt, king naked?" All were silent. King realized that the little boy was telling the truth, and he hurriedly walked back to the castle.


GLaceTInG said...

Thank you so much. :)

cserbanel said...

Hello ! A very nice song for children here

Baby Trend Double Jogging Stroller said...

Wow! I just seen your blog and you really have great stories here. I hope every mom sees this so that they can tell a story to their child.

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